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This is where all of my old episodes come to rest.

illworld episode 9: Off to See the Wiz Part 2


Part 2 of the Canton trip unfolds. We meet up with Jane and look for an Indian Restaurant. I feed my addiction for curry, and Shug gets the BG's (bubble guts).

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illworld episode 10: Off to See the Wiz Part 3


Not gonna spoil too much of the conclusion for you, but IMHO I think this is one of the best video*podcast thus far, I hope you agree. We meet our metaphorical wizard too bad I didn't have enough tape to catch it. I'm going on vacation so next week's episode is up early. Surprise!

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illworld episode 11: Fuzhou Nights


I walk the streets of Fuzhou to capture an avergae night. That's right people, night markets and English corner. I visit a few friends as well as make some along the way.

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illworld episode 12: Engrish Class


I figured now was as good a time as any to do a podcast about teaching English. Sit through this episode and see exactly what my work is really like. (Two words agg raa!)

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illworld episode 13: illigan's Island


Eileen (the movie starish women pictured) invited the gang to her hometown, which happens to be an island. We have to get on a ferry that looks like a big version of one of those little plastic battleship from the game of the same name. I was not too enthused.

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illworld episode 14: illigan's Island Part 2


We still haven't made it to the wedding but we have been enjoying the ilsand folks' hospitality. The motive behind our invitation to the mystery wedding is also revealed.

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illworld episode 15: illigan's Island Part 3


This is the 3rd installment of the island adventure, and IMHO I think it's the best. We go horseback riding, go-karting and finally make it to the wedding. Warning: The humor in this episode is as crude as a 15 year old at band camp.

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illworld Bonus: illigan's Island
What Do Those Rock's Look Like?


This bonus is as crude and strange as it gets. My friends took us to an even smaller island with strange rock formations. On the way to the island we saw a naked woman just walking in a field. In the begining of the vid I say " I hope there are some naked women on the boat." Ha- now you know the joke. Sorry, there is no footage of the lady in the field.

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illworld episode 16: The Race Game


Me and my buddy Wily take the question of race to the streets of Fuzhou. Can The Fuzhounese tell the difference between a Black man and a Korean one? Though I say this is podcast 15 in the vid, it's actually number 16.

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///////PLAY THE RACE GAME///////

illworld episode 17: The British Invasion


My podcast is jacked by 3 Brits, and they do that whole british comedy thing. If you like Mr. Bean like I do, then you will think these guys are funny as hell.

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BlackMan N China episode 19: I Do Chengdu Part 2: Foreigneritis


This is the wind-up to the Chengdu Trip. We head to the panda park and learn that there are more Black and White people than the black and white animals that we are there to see.

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BlackMan N China episode 18: I Do Chengdu Part 1: The Big Buddha


The name change is not really new; it's always been called Black man in China if you can read Chinese. I have put a few new ideas into motion with this episode. I'm hoping to make things bigger and better. Speaking of bigger, this epodsode I go to see the Big Buddah in Leshan near Chengdu.

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