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This is where all of my old episodes come to rest.



I met a guy named Keith Collins that was interested in doing a Matrixesque short. We broke into an abandoned warehouse and shot for 8 hours in the blistering cold, only stopping to recharge our batteries and eat. 8:30 takes place in one of Keith's Dreams. The original was a little over 8 minutes and 30 seconds. The film was shelved basically because one of my other friends was unable to edit the sound. I threw some music together to present a short segment of it. Budget: $40 USD

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illworld episode 1: The Haircut


I decided to get my hair cut in China for the first time. I really think I am the first black guy to do this, I am definately making history here, no matter how insignificant! See how it turned out.

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illworld episode 2: Street Food


In Cleveland, if I was on my way home, I might stop and buy a hotdog from a stand on the street. What happens when I am hungry on the means streets of Fuzhou? Check out the snacks that are available in China.

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illworld episode 3: ???


I was supposed to do one thing, and then it rained, you know how that goes. Anyway, this episode turned out alright.

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illworld episode 4: Village People


Disclaimer: I really, really, really, wish I could show this podcast in its entirety but, I can't for very good reasons. I suspect, if anyone listens closely to it you may understand why, and that is all I am saying.

I went to a small village with friends to check out a big ole' field of flowers; it turns out we weren't the only ones. See what happens when a bus full of Chinese folks, plus one Lao Wai descent upon the tiny village.

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illworld episode 5: Rocket Dong


Rocket is not only a gret guy, but he is also my go to man for all my tech needs. This may have been his first time on camera, but I think he quickly realized how fun it can be. I ran out of tape early in the shoot so we changed course and headed to buy one. Watch us shop in the computer mall and see what characters that we meet along the way.

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illworld episode 6: Sammy With a "Y"


I planned to meet a girl named Sammi for lunch; I met her while filming the last video*podcast. See how I botched this one.

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illworld episode 7: Game of Death


I have no idea why hiking up paved mountains is fun for Chinese folks, but they love it! Who am I too be a hater and not go along with the flow? Sammy with a "Y" is back with her posse. It's me versus them on the way to the top. Little did I know, a few surprises were waiting for me near the top of Drum Mountain (Gu Shan).

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illworld episode 8: Off to See the Wiz Part 1


My apartment is being painted and my brother from another mother Shug let me crash at his pad (did I just say pad?!?!). We decided to go to the Guangzhou (Canton)Trade Fair, the biggest one in China in hopes of finding something that will make us rich, in short "the Wizzard". This was a weekend adventure so the podcast will unfold in three parts. We kept meeting friends from Fuzhou along the way. We're off tho see the Wizzard the wonderful Wizzard of Canton.

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