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You need the Quicktime or VLC media player. There are more episodes in the archive.

I've always wanted to be a TV or movie star. Since that isn't going to happen anytime soon, I can at least convince myself that I, and a few friends are internet celebrities. This site is my make-believe TV station, it features a weekly video*podcast and also from time to time things that I think are funny and or interesting. Check it out often, it will be updated weekly.

>>Video Podcast<<
Crazy things happen everyday, and I decided to video*podcast my odd life here in China to the world. Each episode tackles a small but significant part of being a foreigner in the world's most populous country.

BlackMan N China episode 25: All Good Things


All I can say is watch this one!



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BlackMan N China episode 24: Fire Chicken Day


Its really easy to forget about American holidays living in China, yet, we manage to remember the biggies like Thanksgiving, New Years, and Christmas. In this episode you see how we celebrate Thanksgiving, international style.

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BlackMan N China episode 23: No-Size Fits All


The whole theme about shopping for clothes was supposed to be podcast #2, but I somehow never got around to actually filming it. See how something as simple as buying a shirt turns into a serious affair.

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BlackMan N China episode 22: The Shaolin Temple


Way back in the sixth grade when me and Shug became friends, we thought it would be cool to study kung fu in China. Who knew we would both actually end up living here. I always wanted to go to the Shaolin temple, and now my dream has been fulfilled.

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